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Sevan is calling
To take your friends and go to an unplanned trip to Seven is a must. The most beautiful place in Armenia especially in summer!

Ayas tour
Our company was founded in 2008 and is specialized of making hike, bike and food tours in Armenia. We mix low prices with high quality services. Let us make your stay in Armenia unforgettable.
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Incoming services
• Tour services in Armenia
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A+ I Imbibe Skills
Educational center

Ararat in green
I never saw Ararat in green like this

Nature Covered in Snow
Noravank Monastery with its awesome nature covered in snow.

Clear blue skies, contrast between the red mountains and the white snow.

The Majestic Mt. Ararat
The Majestic Mt. Ararat covered in snow and behind thick clouds.

Gloomy Day but Worth the Visit
Nature's beauty is covered in snow, even the sun is shy.

Literally "breathless" with the view also by climbing the hill at -14C :)

First Day in Armenia
Went to Garni Temple on my first day in Armenia. Still majestic even though the views are covered in snow.

Will definitely come back to see nature's beauty. :)

Glimpse of Armenia
Had a short glimpse of the rich Armenian history, culture and artifacts.

Somewhere near Echmiadzin Cathedral
Birthday in Armenia.

"I only wished for a snow, He sent me an Angel" :)

kataware doki。
My last day in Yerevan.

Engagement story
My pretty got engaged in this beautiful complex .. I am totally happy for her and I wish her big love till the end of their lives

my city colours
Just found an amazing way to do check in where my city is in a real way

discovering new sphere
I just discovered this cultural place in Armenia through this application and it's really amazing even the atmosphere you can feel here

Loft- our 2 home !!!
Doing lessons? Preparing for exams? Loft is definitely the best place for it being equipped with blackboards, comfortable chairs and tables( everything you need for concentrating and doing your lessons) Great for doing group works. And of course Loft provides a cup of tea or coffee with some sweets, which will only help to the learning process. Enjoy it and recommend !!!

Charles Aznavour and Charles Aznavour Square
Charles Aznavour was born in Paris in 1924 to a musical family of Armenian descent and when he started performing as a child, little did he know of the glittering future fate was to bestow on him.
Nowadays, Charles Aznavour is considered as French musical royalty and has often been described as the French Frank Sinatra. He is one of the all time greats because there are very few performers who have shown such success spanning so many decades with the people still demanding the tickets.
This square is named after him.

Tasty mushroom cream soup
Everytime we enjoying this tasty soup we cannot concentrate for talking

republic square experience
i was amazed of how lovely this place is and the fountain is just stunning to watch

Super day in Armenia
Nice day with big boss and Nikko

my favorite place
Today's weather is nice and i came to walk after lessons

i'll be back again Armenia

Not all those who wander are lost - JRR Tolkien
She believes that I was brave enough to walk alone day and night around the city. So, I met this lady named Gohar a local lady from Armenia on my second day in the city. Unhesitant came near me after, I asked other lady what mini buses I should take, maybe she saw my face unsure

Quick trip to the country of Armenia

The last day of tour in Yerevan
Cold weather but anyway it's warm and fun being in Yerevan

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