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Let Millennials Market FOR You

Angela Hassassian
Angela Hassassian

Aug 23, 2018 - 5 min read

Let Millennials Market FOR You

In a previous post, we discussed the strength of storyliving and the effect it can have on marketing, but if you take the topic in a more broad sense, you will come to understand that much of today’s marketing is done via peers sharing their experiences. Millennials are not only keen on sharing their opinions and reviews on various platforms, but also are likely to be influenced by their peers when it comes to consumption, and this is especially true in the travel industry.

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So what can you do to take advantage of this behavior? Well, as a travel industry professional, your goals should shift when it comes to how you market yourselves. While traditional advertising hasn’t lost its value completely, it’s much more effective to be talked about. The goal of the game is to be talked about in the most positive way possible. This means providing a so-called “shareable” experience.

We live in a digitized world. While it is, of course, important to be talked about in person, the current generation tends to prefer Facebook to face-to-face interaction. Facebook also tends to be the place where this generation gets its information. The time spent on other platforms such as Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, and Pinterest is rising with time. In essence, social media platforms are where you should invest most of your focus.

Millennials are also more likely to get opinions from friends before making some kind of significant purchase. That being said, you should make sure that information about you, your service and your product is easy to share. The more presence you have across a variety of platforms, the better!


It may sound repetitive, but every aspect of your marketing strategy should be aimed towards making information shareable. This includes experiences that consumers have with your brand. Small tricks like having a catchy hashtag or having your branding present in an attractive photo-friendly way can go a long way. You want to be talked about in a positive way online, as these consumers don’t like being talked to by brands, rather hear from each other.

We are welcoming a new age of word-of-mouth advertising, the best kind there is, just online. The concept of FOMO (fear of missing out) can really work to your advantage. This makes consumers search for unique and mind-blowing experiences, something completely out of the ordinary. Adventure traveling is on the rise, for example, instagrammable spots and authentic cultural experiences where travelers really learn something.

Therefore, if you are a hotel, for example, you would do well to offer your guests advice and suggestions on what they can do during their stay. Anything that can turn their vacation into an experience is worth mentioning loudly and proudly, especially if what you are suggesting is out-of-the-box. And be sure to encourage your guests to leave reviews and feedback on platforms like Tripadvisor and Yelp. More than anything, user-generated content will help to build that ever important feeling of trust towards your brand.

We can’t stress enough how important being authentic is in this day and age. This generation can tell if you’re not being authentic from a mile away. It’s very important to them that the values of the brand align with their own. Corporate social responsibility plays a major role in building this relationship. As Simon Sinek aptly stated in a well given 2009 TED Talk, "People don't buy what you do, they buy why you do it." If you gain their loyalty, you’ve hit the jackpot!

Open communication flows with your consumers plays a key role in this. One-sided communication that was used before with traditional advertisements is despised. Even TVs are no longer popular for that same reason. Millennials are extremely vocal and value engagement. They want to be heard, their feedback is taken into consideration. They want to see their favorite brands grow. This means, not only do they want to be able to communicate with you via texts, messages, and emails, but they also want a personal touch and the ability to interact face-to-face.

Social media can be used efficiently in this way as well. Technology plays a very important role as well, as it is a major part of their lives. That is why we firmly believe that up and coming platforms like 360Stories will play a very critical role in the near future. The platform encompasses everything Millennials seek and more, with the ability to share stories, to learn intriguing information, to get an authentic feel for a place before booking and all of this packaged in an interactive and immersive way.