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  • Inner tours request

    You can get the list of all inner tours under this request:

  • Inner tours request by category

    You can request inner tours by category by sending this type of request.,Parks

  • Street View functional

    Street View functional consist of two parts

    One is a Google Map file with lines which are kml format file.


    The second part of Street View functional is requesting the closest point.

    Please send a request with latitude and longitude. We will give you one answer with the closest street view line in the example below.

  • Implementing iFrame into your website

    To show any 360 tour you need to implement iFrame in your modal window. You can see an example below that is using: src="".

    The ID in this link is the reference for the tour. In every answer you get from API you will find one "point_number":92045. This is the number you need to implement in iFrame to have the right tour to show.

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