The future of virtual and augmented reality travel storytelling.

We are virtualizing the world by capturing immersive 360 photos and 360 videos, together with the unique stories to bring you an enchanting travel experience to be booked before you go (VR) and while you are there (AR).

How it works

360Stories is a social space where you can discover, explore and experience some of the most amazing cities on earth in full 360-degree environments. Pick a destination, choose one of the hundreds of places within that city and explore it in 3 ways:
  • Desktop: Check out our website in full screen; click, point, drag, play and enjoy!
  • Application: Download our app and tilt your screen to view every corner of each location.
  • Application with a Cardboard or VR Headset: Place your smartphone in any headset and virtually travel to any destination, living the full VR experience that our content has to offer.
While you browse our platform you can:
  • Be inspired by different travel destinations.
  • Take virtual tours of places you want to see or plan to visit soon.
  • Read stories created by locals, travelers and users like you to get deeper insight about different locations.

The Platform

Desktop Version

Choose a city you would like to explore and browse through the virtual places, looking for landmarks, nature, museums, historical buildings and much more. If you’re searching for something specific, use the filter function to narrow it down, or simply search for it in the search bar.

Once you click on a place you will notice a few buttons. Take for example, this plaza in front of the Brandenburg Gate in Berlin:

The main frame contains the 360-degree views of the place. Just click and move around, or turn your head with the VR headset on to travel around the scene.

The sidebar on the left contains a short, descriptive background of the place; with all the fun and interesting things a local might share with you. You’ll also notice two round buttons at the top right of the text.

Each place is different, but look out for these buttons. Use them to switch between street view, aerial view, aerial video and ground video, for an even more interactive experience.

To the bottom right of the screen are buttons that allow you to switch to full-screen mode, and zoom in and out of the scene. See something you like? Move in closer for a better look!

As you move around the places, you’re sure to see pencils floating around. These are stories written by other users just like you. These stories offer a deeper and more personal insight into the places you’re exploring. Whether it’s something interesting about the architecture, a tasty culinary insight, a fun pop culture reference or a clue to a scavenger hunt; these stories really define the places, in the words of the people that inhabit them.

If you have something informative you’d like to share, you can write stories too! Simply create an account and you can start straight away. Once you’ve registered, you can use the plus button at the bottom of your screen to create stories. Click and drag it to the spot you want to tie your story to, give your story a title, write your story, add a video or a photo, and share your story with the world!

Click on the back button on the top left portion of your screen twice in order to explore different places.

If a place really speaks to you, star it and save it for later! Just click on the favorite button at the top. You can quickly access your favourite places from your favourites tab.

Thanks for visiting 360Stories. To enjoy the 360 experience on your phone, please download the 360Stories app.