With the 360Stories app you can create personal tours of your favorite locations. Our users have already created more than 5000 amazing virtual tours—complete with the best restaurants, landmarks and natural wonders.


Our content is shot using the finest technology out there. That’s why whenever you explore with 360Stories, you get footage from all over the world that looks totally crisp and clear—it’s like you’re really there!


Stories are what make a place really special. With 360Stories, you get the chance to share your personal memories of a place with everyone else who wanders there. You get to be the tour guide, and share the magic of your town, city, forest or favorite café.

Where will you go?

360Stories enables you to see all the wonders of the world. Get set up and start exploring—there are no limits in VR.

How to find places

To find a place to explore, simply go to the ‘Places’ page and browse the many landmarks, natural wonders and local watering holes available to you in stunning 360 view. Once you’ve found your location, select it and start looking around. Wherever you see a pencil icon, you can read a personal story that was logged by another user on that location.

How to favorite places

If you find a spot that you really love and want to save it, click on the star icon. This way the location will be saved to your ‘favorites’ and you will be able to access it easily any time!

How to create a tour

With the tour feature you can create one flowing VR experience comprised of all of your favorite locations. To create a tour, go to the ‘Places’ page and select five locations that you think go well together.

Once you have selected your places, click “create tour”, and you will be taken into a virtual outing of your design. When you create a tour, it will be saved to your personal profile, so you can visit it whenever you like.

How to share

If you would like to share an experience or tour, click on the network icon and you will be given a variety of social networks to choose from. Select your network and share the experience—we love it when you help us spread the word about 360Stories!

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